International Cooperative Education



  See our flyer on internships in China

Locations:  Shanghai, Beijing, Yantai, Shangdou


1. Teaching English in or near Shanghai and Beijing. The Changzhou Institute of Technology (10,000 students) needs three teachers for a six or ten months assignment.

2.  Lehman Brown International Accountants in Beijing. Two students who are at least in their junior year in the fields of accounting and or marketing. Second year Chinese needed for conversational purposes. The company's language is English. Monthly pay: 2500 RMB (approx. $ 400) . Possible co-housing with another intern.

3. Bio-Tech Co. and TICA Air-conditioning Co. in Nanjing: advanced students for marketing/distribution of start-up products (disinfectants) and sophisticated air-conditioning systems. Language prerequisite: fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

4.  Teach English in Yantai, Shangdou province, at the Yantai Schools.  Find out more about this beautiful seaside resort city and the teaching position No Chinese language skills required.

6. Voith Paper Fabrics of China. In Kunshan near Shanghai. Internships in the fields of Marketing, Finance/Controller, operations, human resources/personnel.  Intern assists regular teachers.  Good level of Mandarin Chinese required.

7. Hella Shanghai Electronics Co. For advanced majors in industrial engineering, production, logistics.  Good level of Mandarin Chinese required.

8. JOT-Automation in Beijing Internships in electrical / mechanical engineering, testing sites for mobile phones, programming in C, programmable logical controller, mechanical design, robot automation. Requires good knowledge of Mandarin Chinese

9.  Summer (or winter) camp counselor for Cool Camp.   We have 21 locations. Campers range in age from primary school to high school. Camp sessions range from 8 - 12 weeks, and you can sign up for one session or multiple sessions. The work is in English, but at least one semester of Mandarin is required for basic communications. The camp provides room and board plus pay of $650 US dollars per month. Two counselors share a room, and they provide three meals a day.

10. Teaching English at all levels: private institutes, high schools, universities in Shanghai or Beijing, summer, one or two semesters. Some Mandarin Chinese required.

13. Abb China Limited in Beijing. Wishes to hire graduating students on a full-time basis in robotics, manufacturing – production processes, and electro-technologies.

14. Elkay Asia Inc. In Zhuhai (near Macao). Office work, technical areas.

15. Munich Re-Insurance's office in Beijing with 65 employees. Office work: to edit and correct English texts dealing with the Topic of re-insurance matters. Student must be a US citizen and a native speaker of English. Business or English major. Some knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. Excellent stipend of 8000 RMB (US$900) per month.

16. Internships with Infineon Technologies. In the city of Xian. Corporate language: English. Student must have some rudimentary knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. Two types of work available - technical and teaching English. Technical job is in software development (only R& D) for telecommunication majors, memory work, C, C++ . Teaching job would be classroom and individual tutoring of English to the engineering staff. Stipend of 3000 RMB (US$330) per month.

17. Wincor-Nixdorf Asia-Pacific Solution Center. Retail and banking systems. Shanghai. For majors in computer science and software programming. One student with minimal knowledge of Mandarin and native speaker of English. This location does QA and testing for ATM machines. The company provides free lunch and a shuttle bus service.

18. ABB Corporate Research Center in Beijing. Marketing and sales. Advanced students in the field of law.

21. T-8 Restaurant in Shanghai. Hospitality work.

22. ABB China Limited in Beijing. Corporate Language is English. Three internships available in the fields of Power Systems and Power products (medium and high voltage), manufacturing –production processes, and robotics (software/hardware)

23. ABB China Limited in Beijing. Wishes to hire graduating students on a full-time basis in robotics, manufacturing production processes, and electro-technologies.

24. Voith Paper Fabrics China. For students majoring in marketing, sales, finance, industrial engineering. Company pays a stipend and provides housing.

25. PKF Consulting. Finance and hotel management company.

26. Shanghai Investment and Management. Student must be native level English speaker and have some Mandarin. Need website building skills.

27. Municipal labor office. Sales and leases of property, international marketing, investment, construction, property management.

28. Elkay Asia Inc. In Zhuhai (near Macao). Office work, technical areas.

29. Siemens Ltd. China (Beijing or Shanghai). Must speak, read and write Mandarin. Internships in fields of finance, business administration, computer science (hardware and software), electrical engineering, mechanical engineering. The company pays 4000 RMB for housing, two students per apartment, plus a stipend of 2000-3000 RMB for food. Includes pickup and return at airport.

30. Shanghai working for Siemens China. Permanent full-time jobs in a variety of electronic and business fields. Details here

31.  Volkswagen Shanghai factory.  Economics major with good communications skills and ability to think analytically to do target price line research.  Monthly stipend $450 plus free lunch.  

32. BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Beijing office and plant site in Shenyang.  Information technology, human resources, dealer development in China, mechanical engineering, automobile technology, automotive engineering

33. Teaching English at any of 32 primary schools in Yantai, Shandong Province – apartment and food provided, Chinese not required. 18 hours of teaching per week, and in return, receive the same number of private tutorial lessons in Mandarin


34.     Children's Hope International in Beijing.  Work in a foster home center with about 20 children who have been selected for surgery (pre - and post), staff of 18, assist in all duties: therapeutic work, teaching songs, assisting children with bathing. Student must have had at least two semesters of Mandarin Chinese.  Ideal for majors in sociology, physical therapy, speech therapy, political science, special education.  One participant for fund-raising work in the office. Housing is provided

36.      C&A Clothing Store in Beijin.  Good verbal Mandarin required.

37.  Qoros automobile assembly plant.  Design, industrial engineering, mechanical labor.

38.  Engineering positions at Infineon Technologies

39.  Teaching English at New Oriental Education and Technology Group and at Sinoteach.

40.   BMW-Brilliance in Shenyang. Internships in: mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, automotive engineering. Requires fluent Mandarin Chinese.

41.  Two six month internships in Guest Relations at the St. Regis Hotel in Lhasa.  Monthly stipend of 2000 RMB (approx $330) plus room and board.  Some mandarin Chinese required.  We aware of the very high altitude of about 11,500 feet (3800 meters) and consult with your doctor if you are not accustomed to very high altitude.

42.  Six month internship working the front desk at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Shanghai, assisting English-speaking guests.  Monthly stipend is 2000 RMB (approx $330) plus free room and board. 

43. Various positions teaching English at the university or high school level, one or two semesters.

44. Wincor-Nixdorf in Shanghai: advanced students in marketing, economics, IT, computer science with strong marketing interests in the field of ATM solutions. Language prerequisite: fluency in Mandarin Chinese.