International Cooperative Education



    ● Teach English at Hotzenplotz Kurklinik in Rickenbach, Southern Black Forest, assist in summer camps and teaching activities for a minimum of three months, room and board included.  Some German required.
    ● BMW plants in Leipzig, Munich, Landshut, Regensburg and Steyr (Austria, Diesel R& D).  Advanced standing in mechanical, automotive, electrical engineering. Fair knowledge of German required.
    GERMANY  - BMW motorcycle plant in Berlin.  May-June, September-December, or longer.  Mechanical engineering.  Fair knowledge of German required.
    ● BMW in Leipzig.   Production site of the "3" series cars in Leipzig. Good conversational skills in German.  For juniors or above in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or electrical engineering. Monthly stipend pays €800.
    ● BMW in Munich.  Motor factory which makes all of BMW's engines.  Requires good German proficiency and at least junior standing in mechanical, automotive engineering.  Internship pays € 800 per month..  
   ● BMW plant in Regensburg.  Assembly line work manufacturing  the "1" series cars.  Some German required.   40 hours per week, net pay €800 / month.  
     ● Infineon Technologies Wincor-Nixdorf in Munich.  Advanced standing in electrical engineering, computer science, IT, business administration.  Requires conversational ability to communicate in German. Pays €1600 per month
    ● Wacker-Chemie plant in Burghausen.  For chemical engineering majors. German required.
    ● Brose auto parts in Coburg.  Material Sciences, electrical engineering.  Minimum stay: 4 – 6 months. Company reimburses student for airfare. Brose is Europe's leading company in the production of electric windows and seats for the European automobile industry.  Conversational German required. For juniors or higher in material sciences, mechanical, electrical, computer engineering,  electronics.  Monthly stipend: € 600 plus the company reimburses the airfare.

   ● BMW plant in Leipzig.  For environmental science majors: environmental protection, laws, certificates in IS 1400, emission protection, water protection, process engineering.  Six months starting in September 2009.  Requires good German communications skills.
   ●   Klüh Security, a company with about 41,000 employees worldwide, seeks a finance/marketing major for their Frankfurt office.  Some German required.
   ● Siemens, Infineon Technologies, Wincor-Nixdorf. Advanced standing in electrical engineering, computer science, IT, conversational ability to communicate in German.
   ●.  BMW München (Munich).  Body Quality Management at BMW's  Research and Innovation Center.  Quality Control work.  Ideal for engineering or business administration or statistics majors.  (Gewährleistungskosten).  Monthly stipend €800.  German required.
  ● Institute of Sensor and Actuator Technology in Coburg.  Student must be junior or higher, majoring in physics.  Some German required.
  ● Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Familienhilfe.  Work with children of all age groups.  Free room and board plus monthly stipend of €400.  Locations in Black Forest and northern Germany.
  ●  Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt: Hospitality work.  Paid internship.
  ● Munich Re-Insurance: Office work
  ● Wacker-Chemie in Munich: Personnel Department, office work
  ● Fachklinik Norderheide for children and parents (North Sea)>
 ● Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt
  ● Siemens Medical Solutions - mechanical, electrical and materials engineering
  ● more including banks upon request