International Cooperative Education


Shanghai optional special services

If you would like an internship in Shanghai, ICE is pleased to offer a special concierge service.  If you wish to pay an extra $500, you will receive the following services via our Shanghai coordination, Mr. P. Hao.

Prior to departure:

1.  Mr. Hao will locate an internship according to the student's academic and practical experience, including:  retail/sales, hotels/restaurants, hospitals, computer science and engineering, information technology, electrical engineering, public relations/exhibitions, biomedical, physical sciences, finance, economics, accounting, and facilities for the elderly. 
2.  Mr. Hao will make a personal visit to the company and provide you a written synopsis of the internship conditions, monthly stipend, name of company, name and email of supervisor, company address, phone number, website, number of employees, tasks to be performed, and working conditions. 
3.  Mr. Hao will locate appropriate housing and personally visit and inspect it.  He will provide you the address of the housing, name and phone number of landlord and, when available, landlord's email address.  Accommodations generally cost around $250 - $300 per month, plus one month security deposit paid upon arrival. 

Upon student's arrival in Shanghai:

1.  Mr. Hao will pick up student at airport, and return them to the airport at the completion of the internship
2.  Mr. Hao will provide his address and 24-hour emergency phone number to the student.  He will be available to the student 24/7 during the entire internship if needed.
3.  Transfer to furnished accommodation
4.  Student signs contract with employer and landlord.
5.  Mr. Hao will hold an orientation meeting in his office the day after arrival.  Student must bring passport and two passport photos to the meeting.  The orientation includes:
    a.  Laws of China as they apply to foreign students
    b.  Orientation to traffic and transportation systems and their costs
    c.  Briefing on food
    d.  Sightseeing destinations
    e.  Use of money or credit card
    f.  Use of police emergency number 110
    g.  How to pay the monthly rent
    h.  Purchase and use of China-compatible cell phone
    i.  Orientation walk through the student's neighborhood with visit to convenience store, restaurant, bank, supermarket, etc.
    j.  Information regarding free Saturday and Sunday sightseeing activities by bus
    k.  Student received a welcoming gift.

In addition, Mr. Hao will visit the student at the workplace and at their living accommodation later in the internship to ensure that things are running smoothly.  The student receives a very personalized placement and orientation service.